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  1. Dirty Teams :: Competitive Gaming

    Bringing this back, been awhile since I posted up any posts.

    I like to follow the CEVO forums/Competitions just to see what people are playing in the competitive space/ how much it's died. I also like to keep track of all the other competitive venues out there, be it some night cup that spins up, c-gl, the former twl and their trials and tribulations etc.

    Just today I came across a team competing in CEVO's battlefield 4 season 6 season.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Dirty Teams - Retro Edition

    Well a recent post by none other than everyone's favorite BF3 shoutcaster over on the CEVO boards had me stirred up. And when I'm stirred up, there's only one thing to do. Grab a shovel, and find some dirt!

    The post in question.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daskro
    I do not take comfort in the fact that forum registration or GUID verification now exists on these sites. The damage has already been done to BF3 and its why I have to do exceedingly unnecessary things like "livestream" matches locally then

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  3. Dirty Teams

    Dirty Teams round two.

    So CEVO in it's infinite wisdom finally decided to move to PB GUID's instead of Origin ID's for CEVO season 2. However nobody seems to check them. Recently a player had tried to join our server but received an enforced kick from a ban.

    unfortunately we scrim a lot on our match server, and I'm not sure if we can get any more information from it. But here's the quick and dirty

    Spider-tD is a cheater.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Data Analytic's and Visuals

    So I've been wanting to get into the D3 js engine since I found out about it. Just today I finally got some time, or really the time to procrastinate on other things and really dive into it.

    you've probably seen some really intriguing visuals from this and never knew how they were made, but I've been diving in with some PBBans MBi data and it's pretty fun.

    For instance here's a not so complete graphics using the js reel, that showcases a few ...
  5. To all the Repair Junkies - I love you

    I think a little bit of recognition is required at this time. To all those BF3 engineers that use the repair tool, you're the best. If you've played alongside me, you probably know that I carry mines. Meaning I'm at the mercy of those players on my team that carry repair tools instead of mining it up like me. These players often help others rather than go for those extra kills with mines.

    Name:  Repairtool_sm.png
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    With that in mind, people sometimes look at my stats ...
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