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  1. Dirty Teams :: Competitive Gaming

    Bringing this back, been awhile since I posted up any posts.

    I like to follow the CEVO forums/Competitions just to see what people are playing in the competitive space/ how much it's died. I also like to keep track of all the other competitive venues out there, be it some night cup that spins up, c-gl, the former twl and their trials and tribulations etc.

    Just today I came across a team competing in CEVO's battlefield 4 season 6 season.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Dirty Teams - Retro Edition

    Well a recent post by none other than everyone's favorite BF3 shoutcaster over on the CEVO boards had me stirred up. And when I'm stirred up, there's only one thing to do. Grab a shovel, and find some dirt!

    The post in question.
    Quote Originally Posted by Daskro
    I do not take comfort in the fact that forum registration or GUID verification now exists on these sites. The damage has already been done to BF3 and its why I have to do exceedingly unnecessary things like "livestream" matches locally then

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  3. Dirty Teams

    Dirty Teams round two.

    So CEVO in it's infinite wisdom finally decided to move to PB GUID's instead of Origin ID's for CEVO season 2. However nobody seems to check them. Recently a player had tried to join our server but received an enforced kick from a ban.

    unfortunately we scrim a lot on our match server, and I'm not sure if we can get any more information from it. But here's the quick and dirty

    Spider-tD is a cheater.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. How I Became a Better BF3 Player & Thanks to Those Who Helped

    1.0, 17,500 kills. Sure it doesn't seem like much to the average gamer, but I am not a pro or a hardcore gamer, especially when it comes to FPS games. I don't have a lot of history; I had never played an online shooter before 2142 and that and BF3 are pretty much the only online shooters I've put any time into. I don't have instinctive FPS Gamer reflexes, I'm not quick at anything for that matter. ...
  5. An Analysis of the Outstanding Abilities of the AN-94

    I would like to present the AN-94 for close analysis.

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    Historical Overview:
    The AN-94 is an advanced assault rifle of Russian origin. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova model of 1994, after its chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov who previously worked on the Nikonov machine gun. Official policy is for the Nikonov AN-94 to become the general issue rifle for the Russian Federation and Associated States (RFAS) armed forces, but (aside from
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