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  1. Data Analytic's and Visuals

    So I've been wanting to get into the D3 js engine since I found out about it. Just today I finally got some time, or really the time to procrastinate on other things and really dive into it.

    you've probably seen some really intriguing visuals from this and never knew how they were made, but I've been diving in with some PBBans MBi data and it's pretty fun.

    For instance here's a not so complete graphics using the js reel, that showcases a few ...
  2. ARMA III: Alpha

    Quote Originally Posted by LotusEliseGeek View Post

    I know Histor plays DayZ and a bit of Arma II, but Bohemia Interactive recently released ARMA III in it's alpha stage. Already, the game has improved on it's gameplay mechanics whilst keeping it's simulation features intact.

    If you've played ARMA II, you'll know what I mean when I say "It feels like you're playing with a pile of bricks on your hands". Almost everything feels very mechanical,

    Updated 03-14-2013 at 02:57 AM by Crotan

  3. To all the Repair Junkies - I love you

    I think a little bit of recognition is required at this time. To all those BF3 engineers that use the repair tool, you're the best. If you've played alongside me, you probably know that I carry mines. Meaning I'm at the mercy of those players on my team that carry repair tools instead of mining it up like me. These players often help others rather than go for those extra kills with mines.

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    With that in mind, people sometimes look at my stats ...
  4. The Dangers of the Foregrip

    I've wanted to write this for a while, but I haven't had the time to do so until today.

    Foregrip Dangers

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    So, foregrips used to be astounding in performance. Slapping one under the barrel would reduce movement in the scope by 50%. However, Dice noticed that everyone in the world used a foregrip because of the godliness emanating from it. So they patched the game and broke down the specs as follows.

    1: Horizontal Recoil ...
  5. Affiliate Links!

    Quote Originally Posted by Crotan View Post
    We know not everyone can afford to donate to the clan every month, but we all still like to buy the latest game or buy goods around the web every month.

    We now have integrated a system that will help earn FLOT money, just through your regular purchases as long as your post a link on our forums to the item you're looking to buy. And of course click through that link and make your purchase.

    The links themselves aren't transformed on the forum, so they all appear the same
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