• 126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts...

    One of those not so friendly reminders to keep up to date on security patches for the software you run. Normally I wouldn't post here about this stuff, but since we also run vBulletin software, and some of those forums I recognize as places our members have accounts, it's time to remind everyone forum owners and members alike about security best practices. Periodically vBulletin, like any...

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    When Did Games Get so Damn Expensive

    Oh Boy Oh Boy, With the Battlefield 1 Open Beta underway or not depending on when you try to play it's a good time to take a step back, and just look at how expensive this god damn game is. A whopping $129.98 for the ultimate edition or $59.99 for standard + $49.99 for the premium pass. And what about that...

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    Dirty Teams :: Competitive Gaming

    Bringing this back, been awhile since I posted up any posts. I like to follow the CEVO forums/Competitions just to see what people are playing in the competitive space/ how much it's died. I also like to keep track of all the other competitive venues out there, be it some night cup that spins up, c-gl, the former twl and their trials and tribulations etc. Just today I came across a team...

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    BF4DB back in Action

    It's been awhile since BF4DB shut it's doors, and yesterday they announced they were back in action. https://bf4db.com/news/welcome-to-bf4db And while most of our memberbase has moved onto greener pastures it does bring me hope that those of us playing BF1 will see a bf1db.com show up soon. While any one metric alone shouldn't be used to determine...

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    Squad Free Weekend + New Map

    Free weekend starts on april 6th, if anyone hasn't atleast tried the game you should definitely get in on the free weekend. Free Weekend and Soundtrack Vol. 2 Mar 31,...

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    Battlefront II AFK Players Workaround Helps...

    If you’ve tried Star Wars Battlefront II‘s “Heroes vs. Villains” mode, chances are you’ll have seen characters spinning around in circles. The players controlling these characters are AFK (away from keyboard/controller), and are exploiting the game to receive easy participation...

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    YouTube Gaming Launch :: Live Stream Updates

    Alright party people, youtube gaming launched recently, and with their new domain to bring emphasis on their live streaming capabilities for gamers, we've updated our formally twitch.tv streaming plugin which now incorporates youtube streaming embed as well. if you are a youtube streamer, and want to have your stream featured, I need your Channel ID, and a channel...

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  • CEVO :: Crowdfunding Season 4

    Pressure is building on competitive leagues to stay relevant in an ever increasing landscape of tournament holders in the competitive gaming space. We've seen GamingGrids come out of nowhere, with mixed results. The Championship Gaming League originally fired the first shots of competitive play for BF4, but have since gone silent. Cyber Gaming League, while promising is still having problems attracting teams, with an awkward timing on events. TWL still remains the ugly step child of the lot, attracting both new and old teams to the tried and true ladder structure.

    CEVO has recently started the donation pools for each of their season 4 games. Some carrying a healthy donation pool for a new initiative.

    CS:GO Season 4 $6,836.00
    Dota 2 Season 4 $5,055.00
    TF2 Season 4 $2,010.00
    COD4 Season 4 $0.00
    BF4 Season 4 $0.00
    CS1.6 Season 4 $0.00

    Perks of donating include profile achievement starting at the $5 mark, A shoutout on CEVO-TV at the $20 mark, Your match broadcast on CEVO-TV at the $50 mark, and at the $150 mark you get to play with CEVO Staff.

    Hitup your favorite game series and make a donation to up the ante
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