• When Did Games Get so Damn Expensive

    Oh Boy Oh Boy, With the Battlefield 1 Open Beta underway or not depending on when you try to play it's a good time to take a step back, and just look at how expensive this god damn game is. A whopping $129.98 for the ultimate edition or $59.99 for standard + $49.99 for the premium pass. And what about that...

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    Squad Free Weekend + New Map

    Free weekend starts on april 6th, if anyone hasn't atleast tried the game you should definitely get in on the free weekend. Free Weekend and Soundtrack Vol. 2 Mar 31,...

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    Battlefield 1 Holiday Mission #3 and Double XP...

    A few weeks ago, we reported that DICE will be holding a few Battlefield 1 events all throughout December to celebrate the holidays, and the studio has delivered on its word with Battlefield 1 new missions and even a double XP event! There’s a Battlefield 1 double XP event happening now until December 17...

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    Dirty Teams :: Competitive Gaming

    Bringing this back, been awhile since I posted up any posts. I like to follow the CEVO forums/Competitions just to see what people are playing in the competitive space/ how much it's died. I also like to keep track of all the other competitive venues out there, be it some night cup that spins up, c-gl, the former twl and their trials and tribulations etc. Just today I came across a team...

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    BF4DB back in Action

    It's been awhile since BF4DB shut it's doors, and yesterday they announced they were back in action. https://bf4db.com/news/welcome-to-bf4db And while most of our memberbase has moved onto greener pastures it does bring me hope that those of us playing BF1 will see a bf1db.com show up soon. While any one metric alone shouldn't be used to determine...

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    YouTube Gaming Launch :: Live Stream Updates

    Alright party people, youtube gaming launched recently, and with their new domain to bring emphasis on their live streaming capabilities for gamers, we've updated our formally twitch.tv streaming plugin which now incorporates youtube streaming embed as well. if you are a youtube streamer, and want to have your stream featured, I need your Channel ID, and a channel...

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    126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts...

    One of those not so friendly reminders to keep up to date on security patches for the software you run. Normally I wouldn't post here about this stuff, but since we also run vBulletin software, and some of those forums I recognize as places our members have accounts, it's time to remind everyone forum owners and members alike about security best practices. Periodically vBulletin, like any...

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  • Cheater Report RSS Feed

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    TO REPORT A CHEATER: Register on our forums and fill out this form

    Typically, FLOT promotes a "NO RULES - ANYTHING GOES!" gaming atmosphere on our servers. However, there are always certain situations in which we need to lay down the law. It isn't a frequent occurrence, but even our loose gameplay philosophy requires borders and guidelines.

    Report a Cheater

    Below you will find a list of our server rules. While playing on our servers, if you have found someone to be breaking any of these rules, cheating in any way or just being an all-around smacktard, we encourage you to let us know what you've seen.

    It is important that you give us as much information as you can, including which server you were playing on, approximately what time of day you were playing, what the player in question was doing and what their name was. If you don't give us enough information, we won't be able to look up what happened.

    We stream to PBBans, what is PBBans you may ask? Well it's simple really...
    Quote Originally Posted by PBBans
    PBBans is a private community that works with game server administrators, players, and subject matter experts to pool their experience and information about cheaters. As cheats are caught through PunkBuster™ violations, screenshots or demos, they are added to our Master Ban Index (MBI). The MBI can then be filtered and downloaded to suit each registered game server admin.
    The banner below represents the portion of known cheaters FLOT has aided in keeping from ruining the gaming experience for not only gamers on FLOT servers, but all streaming servers. If you are banned by PBBans, an appeal must be made on their website. Our servers periodically take screen shots as part of the streaming process in order to catch cheaters in the act.

    Appeal a Ban
    At FLOT, we carefully review all bans to make absolutely certain we aren't banning someone innocent. If you have recently been banned from one of our servers and would like to appeal this ban, please fill out this automated form, detailing what the ban was for, what you were doing at the time, what server you were playing on, and what your in-game name is: >>>Click Here<<<

    Server Rules

    We DO enforce them - this is not an idle promise or threat. Break the rules and you will be dealt with.

    Kick/Ban Guidelines
    If you violate the server rules or you commit one of the offenses below, you will be kicked or banned accordingly. The following rules will apply to determine if someone should be kicked or banned:

    a. Kickable offenses:
    1. Offensive language or player name. (Multiple offenses after being warned)
    2. Continually changing teams, causing them to be uneven, after being asked not to.
    3. Poor sportsmanship, including things such as empty accusations of cheating, unfriendly taunting/gloating over their score/ability.
    4. Message spamming.
    5. Arguing over the server rules
    6. Violating server rules after being warned.
    7. Abuse of team vehicles/Stealing teammates vehicles.

    b. Bannable for the day offenses:
    1. A second offense of any of the kickable offenses (ie: They get kicked for swearing, come back and start swearing again).
    2. Swearing at a specific person or at the clan or server in general, first offense.

    c. Permanent ban:
    1. Behavior so detrimental to the good order of the FLOT servers, that it warrants an immediate ban.
    2. Third occurrence of any of the above offenses.
    3. Admissions of cheating.
    4. Obvious hack of the server.
    5. Glitching/Exploitations to include point farming.

    d. Temporary bans:
    We take random screenshots and frequently review them. If a player is found to have a graphics glitch that gives them an advantage, such as black textures, and we have multiple screenshots over a significant period of time, the player will be temporarily banned from our servers until they can show they've fixed their graphics problem.
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    Ban IDViolationGameGUIDAliasDate
    40401VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50084Battlefield 2142e0d68bc5master21G10/01/2007
    41558VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #89110Battlefield 2142cc357e24McGuines M.Schraa10/13/2007
    42630Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142c28211b3Slamman10/22/2007
    42753VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50094Battlefield 2142c3b18181Fearless110/23/2007
    42754VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50093Battlefield 2a481b3a1=MDK= Take0ver10/23/2007
    42913VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50094Battlefield 2dac90918=XpG= Deerhunter_7210/24/2007
    43333Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 214230f55c96[RIP] Flint202110/27/2007
    43646Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 214286102cb5WarHero2310/29/2007
    43647Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Battlefield 2142edbb0101beast910/29/2007
    44654VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #89110Battlefield 2142d689a075Chaos Spiralblitz11/06/2007
    44786Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142a1ab8ec9-=YUGO=- BearCatt11/08/2007
    44787Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142da7be1ae-=YUGO=- GhostMagik11/08/2007
    45088Caught by PBSS (MODELHACK)Battlefield 214209250db1BADASS RPG211/10/2007
    45606Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Battlefield 2142da86fd74Lord ofHell11/15/2007
    49645Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Call of Duty 4bc0c9bf9FS-Prosniper12/21/2007
    51655VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50104Call of Duty 4f3861609climaX | Bi01/03/2008
    53772VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 48cdb8d5bJohn McClane01/15/2008
    54121Caught by PBSS (CROSSHAIR HACK)Call of Duty 4f1a5bc85{BMF}7.62x3901/17/2008
    54890VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 42dc2884c(CHTI] COBRA01/21/2008
    54903VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 4e6c1c6b4KoolGRap02/02/2008
    55157Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142fbf5f044RPG202/04/2008
    55415VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 45ecdd7b2Yoeriman02/06/2008
    55707VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 460fb1586*FS*Gen.Hawkins02/07/2008
    55855Generic CVAR ScanCall of Duty 4db7a7484Ali G02/08/2008
    57377VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #70530Battlefield 21427b5f3dae[4erry] Antkller200702/17/2008
    57391VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50122Battlefield 2142973b9fe1Phaust102/17/2008
    57568VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 4f1870a70=G2=SHOH02/18/2008
    57714VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 4a307aefdGuidance_Wolf02/19/2008
    57817Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Battlefield 2142ff2dedf8=[Ao2]= Belairafon02/19/2008
    58593Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 21427287268eS P Q R02/24/2008
    59091VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #89116Call of Duty 4519df06feviln102/26/2008
    59210VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #89110Battlefield 21428c65ab1b[NoNe] Konad2as02/27/2008
    60327VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50113Call of Duty 464baf950Evil0ne03/05/2008
    60614VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 46c691624|D:W| Ratchet03/07/2008
    60627VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50100Battlefield 2142021932adWal Mart03/07/2008
    60829VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 480f968f3[-Eternal-]03/08/2008
    60932VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 459bd3025John03/09/2008
    61617VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80348Battlefield 21421fa3f5a3Reckless_Chimp03/14/2008
    61818VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80348Battlefield 21423887a0a5Bigdady00703/15/2008
    61974VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50122Battlefield 214288a2604a]CZ[IGOR197803/16/2008
    62003VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80349Battlefield 21423f2d54beShadowTKO03/16/2008
    64032VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Battlefield 2baa83844Endubsar03/29/2008
    65135VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80347Battlefield 2142bbd047e3el_verdug004/06/2008
    65533VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80347Battlefield 2142adf6c50e[=G=] GeekSeek04/08/2008
    65905VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Battlefield 21428b025d58BKBOB P4uli04/11/2008
    66300VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #79028Call of Duty 4b18fff60[FLOT]GorillaX04/13/2008
    69862VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80347Battlefield 214212ea6068Racialist05/11/2008
    70410VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 4813aff78BURTON05/15/2008
    71037VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 4616e14c4Murdock05/20/2008
    71310VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 47b811807proofi200805/22/2008
    71434Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Call of Duty 45fe4e62cStoked205/24/2008
    73488VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001Call of Duty 427c1c0f5**LdaG Muecke06/07/2008
    74124VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #80381Call of Duty 446742893SgtAndre06/11/2008
    75146VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) #79039Call of Duty 4b1c4c847VcS'Protector06/18/2008
    77135VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50104Call of Duty 4e62fd015x0lympusx06/29/2008
    77769Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142c044a29b[MoD] cdriscoll07/01/2008
    78898VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002Call of Duty 4213308d9=EXP=sgt-baker07/07/2008
    81162VIOLATION (PB HACK) #132056Call of Duty 44ffb7700Master07/16/2008
    82405VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #59002Battlefield 2142d22d46e5[DK] Cstark107/23/2008
    85436VIOLATION (PB HACK) #131152Battlefield 21421f80b0bfjoe07208/12/2008
    85602VIOLATION (PB HACK) #131152Battlefield 214270073a33Winner_CZ08/13/2008
    88691VIOLATION (PB HACK) 132066Call of Duty 4e233fdb8mikejones09/01/2008
    89923VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70591Battlefield 21427ff9d7c3paulzed109/10/2008
    96883VIOLATION (GAME HOOK) 125102Battlefield 2142ca7fb301ICEOLD COMMANDERACK11/01/2008
    98224Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142cdf39ba1MoJo42011/11/2008
    99939VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 89080Battlefield 21423a4b1de6playboss00711/23/2008
    103115VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 79533Call of Duty 483154900SAW Swupp (t)12/16/2008
    103643VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 89026Battlefield 214206b81f9eDC_ Nujaxx12/19/2008
    106452VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) 89176Call of Duty 434af4d78FwW|K|LLPr00f01/07/2009
    107362VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) 9002Battlefield 2142735fe440starsky.4201/17/2009
    108025VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield 214243417bb5[NINJA] Tenichi01/21/2009
    108082VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield 2142cb0f8740bananair PuNkBuStEr:)01/22/2009
    109943VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) 9002Battlefield 2142ad229105sifilice.01/31/2009
    110585VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) 9002Battlefield 214243fa0e70aYD10102/04/2009
    116355VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 79461Call of Duty 4d1b0c27cCharlie03/10/2009
    131414VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) 9002Battlefield 2142e7d5f350=PWTE= TurboKiller8806/16/2009
    139934VIOLATION (PB HACK) 132083Battlefield 2142b7484f0e=//DK//= Deine(3)Mudda08/12/2009
    153185VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70577Battlefield 21423e5511aaSPAIN civertron12/12/2009
    164109VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 258c0e3f3Effex03/21/2010
    164347VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 2658e39d3ZLODEY-RUS03/23/2010
    164383VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 224923a2fFighTeR///03/23/2010
    164523VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 2f37a145eStaind_Underwear03/23/2010
    164962VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 292759c3feliteop03/27/2010
    165036VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 2fb0cceddGnartz1003/27/2010
    165136VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 2389a6369Pyro 10103/28/2010
    165161VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 2129be9cdRalph Wiggum 9203/28/2010
    165166VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 2323bd0d6-=LSD=-03/28/2010
    165218VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 20cf04539phpcoder03/28/2010
    165235VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 22f778e60JackAnibal03/28/2010
    165237VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 20cabbcabdebugy2k03/28/2010
    165347VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 2fb53c50fC_GallON03/29/2010
    165771VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 284f146d5Todeswisper03/31/2010
    166355VIOLATION (MULTIHACK) 70793Battlefield Bad Company 2b2448fe5eXt0rtion04/04/2010
    166543VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 2c2ffb63cTayIor little04/05/2010
    166868VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 244d308d2FL4sH.04/08/2010
    167781VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50093Battlefield Bad Company 294aa9104iWhine04/13/2010
    168201VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 2d4e47c70DrNEGUS04/15/2010
    169475VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) 9002Battlefield Bad Company 22c6a0ab4JiG3I04/23/2010
    170628Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Battlefield 21420f398924[UF] DotMano05/01/2010
    171307VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120Battlefield Bad Company 232868d9faboode05/06/2010
    171615VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 2c362271aNumbed05/08/2010
    171730VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield Bad Company 2f6a799f4JohnCash196305/09/2010
    172870Caught by PBSS (MULTIHACK)Battlefield 2142047490b3lIIlIlIlIlIlI05/18/2010
    173041VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50213Battlefield Bad Company 2413078d7TheyGotMe05/19/2010
    192375Caught by PBSS (ESP HACK)Battlefield 2142c2e322b5Kylerh410/13/2010
    270762VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50590Battlefield 37cec3e6fWhiteee_McNasTy07/23/2012
    282751VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50116Battlefield 39bf70dafGustoJr12/10/2012

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