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An Analysis of the Outstanding Abilities of the AN-94

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I would like to present the AN-94 for close analysis.

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Historical Overview:
The AN-94 is an advanced assault rifle of Russian origin. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova model of 1994, after its chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov who previously worked on the Nikonov machine gun. Official policy is for the Nikonov AN-94 to become the general issue rifle for the Russian Federation and Associated States (RFAS) armed forces, but (aside from around 1000 copies) it was still not in production as of 2006.

The AN-94 made its Battlefield debut in Battlefield: Bad Company as a weapon unlock for reaching rank 25. In Battlefield 3, the AN-94 is unlocked for the Assault class after reaching 166,000 assault score.

Statistic Summary:
The AN-94 offers a high rate of fire and supreme accuracy for those who can tame the high recoil. The weapon is an assault rifle with a 2-round burst fire that separates this rifle from the rest.

Numbered Statistical Overview:

Damage: 18.4-25 per bullet
Clip Size: 30+1
Reload Time: 2.45 seconds loaded, 3.3 seconds empty
RPM: 600 full auto, 1200 burst fire
Velocity: 600m/s
Range: 900m
Spread In-Zoom: 0.2-1.0
Spread No-Zoom: 1.5-3.0
Spread Increase/Round: 0.1
Spread Decrease/Second: 15.0
Full/2-Burst/Semi Automatic

Unique Attributes:
The AN-94 is a unique rifle that has specifically specifically designed parts that increase efficiency. First off, the burst feature is designed to place two bullets right on top of each other. This way, the bullets penetrate body armor more effectively. In order for this to happen, the gun has to fire two bullets in quick succession, before the affects of recoil break accurate firing. In burst firing, the barrel will actually recede towards the action, and then will fire a second round and return to the default position. Second, the magazine is inserted at a small angle at the bottom of the gun, instead of at a perfect 90 degree angle. Refer to fig.1 at the bottom of the page. This angled feeding mechanism allows for the bullets to be chambered and fired at great speeds.

Use of the AN-94:

The AN-94 is a strange beast. The AN-94 can be used for both long and short range encounters, but an inexperienced user will consider the weapon to be worthless, inaccurate, and a waste of time. With the no-recoil burst system, one may place shots on targets from long distances and quick speeds. The affect from this double-blast is massive recoil that can be hard to control. However, given to the right hands, and the weapon can accurately take out targets. The AN-94's slow automatic fire can be useful for close range encounters, seeing the damage of the AN-94 is relatively high.

Use of Attachments for the AN-94:

The weapon has much flexibility, but some attachments are better than others. For one who scopes a lot, the heavy barrel becomes his friend. On the contrary, a laser sight will help reduce the horrific hip-firing accuracy. Many scopes can be used, but a 3.4 scope with a laser sign offers range and close quarters combat flexibility. An under slung barrel works well with the AN-94.

Conclusions from the Researchers - LotusEliseGeek:

The AN-94 is my favorite assault rifle. Once mastered, the user may not even remember the affects of recoil. If you're a person who zooms in on enemies a lot, but has trouble dropping the other guy, the AN-94 is in business.

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