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How I Became a Better BF3 Player & Thanks to Those Who Helped

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1.0, 17,500 kills. Sure it doesn't seem like much to the average gamer, but I am not a pro or a hardcore gamer, especially when it comes to FPS games. I don't have a lot of history; I had never played an online shooter before 2142 and that and BF3 are pretty much the only online shooters I've put any time into. I don't have instinctive FPS Gamer reflexes, I'm not quick at anything for that matter. Heck if it weren't for the play style of the Battlefield franchise and the community I found here at FLOT, chances are I would be stuck on a console.

Back to the point at hand. BF3, I joined the game late (as is my way) and had some fun off the top, but I hit a plateau fairly early with my KDR, my SPM, essentially all the markers of how good a player you are. Luckily for me the game/franchise allows those who aren't as good at killing to still contribute to the team (repair torch for Crotan anyone?), but I still felt like I could be better all around. Well, in Jan/Feb a few people helped me out and I have seen a dramatic upswing in my game, especially in my ability to win battles and be more effective with the gun in my hand. I went from a peak of .67 KDR to hitting my first goal of 1.0, which I just reached yesterday. Here's my BF3Stats Graph:

On Jan 26th I was at that long level off with my KDR, sitting at 7162 Kills and 10630 Deaths. Today I'm at 17508/17477. In a little over 4 months I've achieved what I couldn't in the first 8 months of playing the game. My KDR in that last 4 months has actually been about 1.51, and I sure feel like I'm a more valuable member of the team.

Thanks go out to any person I've enjoyed gaming with, as always. Whether it's @Crotan doing a coffee night until all hours of the AM, or a group of FLOT guys on a random night before I go to work, or someone I happen to catch after work playing some morning rounds. Honourable mention to Microzan and his buddies, I've played with that group some too. As always with BF, gaming with the right people makes all the difference.

More specifically to improving my game, I learned things here on the forums, mostly thanks to @Shinobiwan and @synergy who posted in the following threads:

I'll start with Syn pointing out Levelcap reviews. After spending some time checking out a lot of those reviews, a normal guy like me can get a really good fundamental understanding of what guns are good for what and why, and where they fall short. I was using the F2000 as my primary Assault weapon, and it does excel in certain situations, but when I learned how to scope properly that kind of kills the F2000, it's more of a spray and pray weapon with a good hip fire. That's just an example. I went through most of Levelcap's stuff and really set to work on different weapons and where to use them.

Shinobi's thread with Rival XFactor's videos also really helped. To me the game looked good with the settings I was on, so I didn't really notice graphics hindering things. I'm probably not as aware of minor lag as others may be, and I often just attributed my losing 1v1 battles all the time to poor reflexes/lack of skill. When I finally checked my frames, I realized I was often hovering around 25-35. This coupled with an average ping between 55-85 pretty much guarantees I'm starting off at a disadvantage, even if the game seems to me like it's running fine. I turned down my graphics settings as per the video Shin posted, and immediately started seeing an improvement. I got my frames up to around 50-60 with the old video card I had, and even that was making a difference. I eventually upgraded to a new vid card, and now my frames aren't an issue at all.

The other vid Shin posted about TDM for practice was also helpful. Just the idea of it in general. Yeah it can get repetitive (especially those servers that are 24/7 Canals) but it really forces you to focus on your shooting and reaction time. All the little things as well like using corners, finding spots, prefiring effectively, being aware, head glitching (which I still find to be underrated unless used against me) etc. A lot of things that I needed work on I found TDM useful for, as it was a game mode I generally steered away from. This brings me to how I got into TDM, a little thing called Assignments.

Thanks @LotusEliseGeek for the "I Finally Did It" thread, that was a motivator for me (and others of course) to follow suit and complete the assignments. This combined with the timing of Syn's LevelCap video posts got me using a variety of weapons and trying new situations, which made me a more well rounded player. A lot of the assignments are kill based, which is where TDM showed up. The great thing about BF is that TDM isn't necessarily all run and gun, there are still large enough maps to come up with flanking tactics and backraging in a TDM round.

The final thing that spurred me into becoming a better player was playing in a more competitive environment. That = scrims and that raping that was CEVO Season 1. That BH 8v8 scrim is still a highlight for me, it was a blast. Playing in a competitive environment like that really makes you earn your kills and push a little bit harder.

So thanks to all who helped me become a better player and come to enjoy this game even more. I'll finish this off with a few bullet points on specific things to improve your game, aside from the aforementioned:

+ When Assault, ALWAYS throw medpaks. This is a tough habit for me to get into, well worth it, often decides the difference between the next gun battle

+ Pick your spots, recognize there are situations you should keep yourself out of and do everything you can to put your opponent at a disadvantage, be it with terrain, exposure, etc.

+ Know your strengths, exercise your weaknesses. Self explanatory, don't get stuck just doing the things you're good at, keep working on the things that need improvements, but don't be afraid to fall back on the cushion of what you know best.

+ Don't be afraid to shop for servers. Sometimes you just need to jump around til you find the server you want. You can be the greatest player on the server but if it's you and 31 idiots vs 32 playing as a team you aren't going to do well nor have a lot of fun

+ Shop for squads. If you aren't playing with fellow FLOT members, look for squads by perk. If you're in a squad where 3 pubbers all have squad explosive on in say Metro, perhaps you should find a new squad. Same goes if you see a squad mate with a javelin strapped to his back in Metro... Playing with better players generally results in more success.

+ HAVE FUN! Let bad rounds roll off your back (I've ragequit plenty, so I'm guilty of letting this slip), generally the worse your mood the worse you play.

+ Find the maps and modes that suit you. I always go back to large vanilla maps when I want to roll, or AK, something with tanks. I do like to mix it up though, which I feel is important to being a well rounded player.

+ Don't get discouraged by all the Col 100's. There are better players out there. It's the way it is. Take satisfaction any time you kill one of them. Take the opportunities to learn from them.

+ Repair Repair Repair. If you get a tank, try and drive home the importance to your team of having someone repair you (if you aren't playing with anyone you know). Return the favour by riding shotgun with someone and doing the same.

+ TUGS is your friend in TDM and CQ. You like ribbons? Place a TUGS and forget about it. It should be the first thing you do when you spawn as recon, especially in CQ.

+ Play for your team, and for yourself. BF rewards all the little things you do, utilize your kit to its potential at every possibility.

Thanks again for everyone who's helped me get to where I am. Next goal 1.5!
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  1. loco05's Avatar
    Nice article ! Ive started to play BF3 again and its taking me some work to get back into the game.
  2. LotusEliseGeek's Avatar
    You're welcome! Haha! Good post.
  3. Crotan's Avatar
    Awesome read man, keep at it!