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Dirty Teams - Retro Edition

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Well a recent post by none other than everyone's favorite BF3 shoutcaster over on the CEVO boards had me stirred up. And when I'm stirred up, there's only one thing to do. Grab a shovel, and find some dirt!

The post in question.
Quote Originally Posted by Daskro
I do not take comfort in the fact that forum registration or GUID verification now exists on these sites. The damage has already been done to BF3 and its why I have to do exceedingly unnecessary things like "livestream" matches locally then re-broadcast them later so the players and servers don't get ddosed.

Also on the topic of PBbans, funny story about PBbans and how anti-esports they are.

5 years ago I competed in a small tournament run by the now defunct TGL for the game Frontlines Fuel of War (think better version of bf2142) which was based on the unreal engine. My team and I utilized an unreal tournament config file that was accepted in the UT competitive scene (yes, it still existed back then).

A butthurt team that we curbstomped accused us of using wallhacks and filed reports with punkbuster, the tournament admin, and pbbans based on the pb screenshots on the private server. Punkbuster said what we did was perfectly okay as did the tournament admin after we showed him the config file. PBbans viewed the config file as cheat because it gave us an unfair advantage even though it was legal in the tournament we were playing in.

We appealed it all the way to the head admin of PBBans, a real stand-up guy named Fozzer, who proceeded to lecture me that regardless of whether or not the tournament admin allows it, he will view this config file as a cheat because it gives an unfair advantage and upheld the ban.

For added irony TGL had a policy that said any player that had a PBBan in any game would not be allowed to compete in any TGL tournaments. That's right, we were banned from playing in any future TGL tournaments because we were on PBBans' master ban list for "cheating" that TGL's own admins ruled as not actually cheating.
Now what's got me crazed here is that there are very few players or even people in the competitive BF3 scene that I respect. Many of them are very immature, and for every post even hinging on cognitive thought, it is usually followed by 10 more posts of memes, or shit talk.

I generally respected Daskro, because I understood what he was doing for the BF3 competitive scene. Shoutcasting, bringing excitement to a scene that saw none.

So when this post came up, red flags went up. Naturally first thing I did, was go ask Mr Google.

An old image from the long gone PunksBusted
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PunksBusted.jpg 
Views:	9788 
Size:	72.8 KB 
ID:	1805

There is a lot of misinformation that flys around CEVO, and just the battlefield community in general, when it comes to AntiCheat. I try to pick my battles as best as I can, because really you just can't fix stupid at the end of the day. The battles I do pick revolve around AntiCheat, because I know I'm not the best comp player, I miss alot of my shots. Yes I still go into pub servers and get banned on a regular occurrence, not because I'm cheating but because there is a sharp curve in skill levels in online FPS. And because I have experience of being a streaming admin for 5 plus years, and playing verious leagues over the years, I try to bring as much information to the community as I can about the real cheaters out there, because even those in the comp scene have a lot of misinformation, and also have a hostile take on anticheat. Because, server admins generally have a hostile take on competitive players.

But that's getting off track.

As far as I can tell 20ID and Daskro we're never banned from PBBans, they were however all banned from PunksBusted.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	psb2.jpg 
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ID:	1806

I say that because I can no longer verify the validity of these screenshots. PunksBusted is gone. I can view the Master League Index for TGL at PBBans, and no 20ID players pictured above, or otherwise carry bans.

Now again I'm hesitant to post the PBSS below, only because PBSS are easily faked by changing the metadata, and without streamed logs to verify, they are next to useless.

However these come from the old video posted in 2010.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PunksBustedPBSS1.jpg 
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ID:	1807Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PunksBustedPBSS2.jpg 
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ID:	1808

The screenshots above, most certainly depict texture hacks. Ones that are still banned for today in BC2 and BF3. There is a farcry between turning down your system to the bare minimum settings, to editing the textures of the game to the most basic form for an unfair advantage.

and with that in mind, i can see why they made it on the PunksBusted ban list.

Anyway history is history and all we have to do is learn from it, and 20ID is this weeks featured Dirty Team.

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