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Bringing this back, been awhile since I posted up any posts.

I like to follow the CEVO forums/Competitions just to see what people are playing in the competitive space/ how much it's died. I also like to keep track of all the other competitive venues out there, be it some night cup that spins up, c-gl, the former twl and their trials and tribulations etc.

Just today I came across a team competing in CEVO's battlefield 4 season 6 season.

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Now CEVO is one of the few competitive venues that mandate their own AntiCheat client, apart from ESL and the brief run c-gl attempted, I'm not sure there are very many others out there they have the backing/development to produce such a thing. TWL relied on a third party Anticheat that was better known by it's game freezing screenshots than any effectiveness in catching cheaters, at least for their battlefield leagues. One that fell by the way side for lack of development during their last year of offering up leagues/ladders. Seldom few offer up anything resembling the notion of anticheat.

It all just goes to show that PB is not enough if you're looking for a clean match.

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