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Thread: New BC2 Admin!

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    New BC2 Admin!

    We've set SoBe up as our new full Bad Company 2 Server Admin! She'll be managing our BC2 server adjusting settings and maplists as desired. If you play BC2 and have any ideas or opinions on how our server should be configured, post a reply here and let us know what you think, or shoot her a PM or chat with her in Vent.

    Our BC2 server has been inactive for a while, so we're hoping that some fresh faces will help rejuvenate some life into it. Any input is gladly and openly welcomed!

    Thanks, SoBe!

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    We're doomed >.<
    Rise and Rise again; until lost becomes legend, dire become dragons, and vanquished become victorious

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    congrats sobe!

    You have died of Dysentery.

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    We should have a clan night on BC2 to celebrate. Maybe if you knife a senior member or admin you get an award to show off.

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    Lol be ready to give out a load of awards if you do that!

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    Did somebody say knife? Please do I swear it never works for me, really.

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