Alright everybody, we are testing out a new server status page. Instead of relying on and having people be redirected to their website to view information about our servers; we will hopefully have a status page integrated into our Vbulletin website.

From the FLOT INFO tab on the navbar. Select Game Servers.

You should then be able to view a list of servers we run.

If you click on the server name you should be able to view detailed information on the players connected to the server. The information available will vary from game to game. For instance our BC2 servers will show things like: Deaths & Team. While our L4D 2 server won't. Steam servers also have a button to directly connect, which will automatically start up steam and launch the game.

We are still working out some of the kinks such as the background colors and map pictures. I hope this will eventually replace our current server status page here

Hope you all enjoy it. What do you think?