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    You shouldn't have a problem switching over, most of the principles will stay the same.

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    Unlike GIMP v Photoshop I've never had any problem swapping between the two programs. Besides, I'll find my login for the autodesk education site..I have no problem with you using it as much as you want.

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    @marksman Are you still modeling? im working on a mini game in unity to get my skills up to speed again. Basically making a First person streets of rage style beatemup, if your interested in modeling let me know.

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    Anyone still interested in this? Im going to put together a timeline and workflow. As well as threads for story, concept art, coding, modeling, Music / Sound Fx , needs and wants, testing, etc... IF any of those things interest you let me know.

    Im going to have this all setup by the end of the year, and im going to invite anyone and everyone in on the project. Ill make open my game engine and all my resources to those who can commit in some form or another to the project. More to come!

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