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    New Points System!

    Hey everyone,

    You may notice a new points system!

    We integrated vBexperience into the forums, there are a lot of new awards and achievements to be had, Take a look at the Experience Tab when you get a chance!

    These awards should be applied automatically and the activity status should go through as you post. Just adds some incentives for posting and such things!

    Hope you like it

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    Awesome, nice work Crotan!

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    Beat me to it Gross, guess you saw that you don't have the OverDrive award. Shinobi seems to be the only one with it so far!

    You did earn the Posting Award though !

    Think you're pretty safe with that one too, I'm not sure what will happen if someone else one day has more posts than you, whether it will give both of you the award or if it will take it away from you and give it to them, should be interesting to watch.

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    I'm so confused. What exactly is this now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polytonic View Post
    I'm so confused. What exactly is this now?
    Just a little incentive system, we use to have a basic points system except you directly used you points in a point market to buy different things, like glow effect or random icons and things of that nature. This system has an expanded point system similar to that, but also gives out awards and achievements automatically as the milestones are reached. Check out the Experience tab to get a better idea

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