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    Thanks for the donation Snarky!
    Btw we need a new goal, $250 has been reached.

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    woah, very nice!

    A big thanks to all who have donated so far, especially to Icewielder and Snarky!

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    Thanks for the tremendous donations, fellas! Big thanks to Snarky who has donated $101 (!!) toward this, and Icewielder who has now donated a whopping total of $119! Yowza, looks like we've got some sugar daddies in FLOT.

    New donation goal is now upped by another hundred bucks: $350 is the new goal. Original post updated. Two days to hit this before the end of the month, it's gonna be close! We should order the server tomorrow evening to make sure we can seal in that Multiplay discount... so essentially we only have about a day and a half left on the donation drive. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in so far or is planning on chipping in soon!

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    Guess that means I'll do the drawing sometime after soon after the server is preordered then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_prairie_prophet View Post
    why does it show 2142 and other servers as free? and if so...
    downgrade rights?

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    Thanks fellas for the $$ so far. We are up to 290 in the account. Inquisitor, thats very generous of you. A chance to win a free game is a nice bonus when donating.

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    That's awesome. It's been a long time since FLOT's been able to raise that sort of money!

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    I have a big paycheck coming in this week so I will donate some too.

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    will throw some in the pot tonight

    You have died of Dysentery.

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    The page won't let me select anything in the drop-down or input a price..

    Someone pm me the paypal email addy so I can throw a few bucks in .

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