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    Reserved Slots Back in Action (with bugs)

    It wouldn't be a true DICE feature if it didn't include bugs, that's how you know it's grade A, authentic DICE work.

    With that out of the way, I'd like to announce that Reserved Slots are back in action on our BF3 server, or really in action for the first time in BF3 history. With that tidbit of news, we'll be reinstating the any donation in the month, grants you a reserved slot on the server(s) for the month.

    After a donation, request your reserved slot here

    For those not familiar with the new Queue mechanism, here's the quick and dirty.

    The new Join Queue mechanism
    Players are divided into three groups:

    1. Players on the Reserved Slots list
    2. Premium players
    3. Normal players

    When a player attempts to enter a full server, the player will go into the queue. Later on, when a player leaves the server, one player from the queue will be let onto the server. The server will first pick a player from the Reserved Slots group; if that group is empty, one from the Premium players group; lastly, one from the Normal players group.
    If there are several people in a group, the player who has been waiting the longest in a group has precedence.

    Aggressive Join Rundown
    In addition to this there is the "aggressive join" setting. If Aggressive Join is enabled, then if a Reserved Slots player joins the queue, a user currently on the server will be kicked to make room for the Reserved Slots player.
    The Aggressive Join setting does not apply when Premium or Normal players enter the queue.

    It is common for clans and communities to use the Reserved Slots + Aggressive Join together; those who pay the monthly bills or otherwise support a server are on the list, and are guaranteed to be able to come in and play on their server. Others can play on it too if there's room.

    (This is pretty much how the BF:BC2 queue worked.)

    Bugs in the new Join Queue mechanism
    There are two known bugs in Server R24 (which is currently running on all servers).
    The first, and biggest, is that players who enter via the join queue will not get GUIDs. Also, "player.onJoin" events are not sent. This confuses some third party admin tools. PunkBuster does not always display these players in the "pb_sv_plist" output either. So-called 'ghost players' are caused by this as well.

    We have identified the problem and developed a fix for this earlier this week. We expect it to go live sometime during next week. Until that time we recommend that server administrators who have problems with the new queue do not run third-party autobalancers or other similar scripts.

    The second is that servers sometimes don't display the right number of max players on Battlelog. This seems to happen only to servers which run "adaptive server size" plugins. We are still investigating this. It is probably not related to the Join Queue at all, but the reports arrived at the time when we switched to the Join Queue mechanism - so, it's worth mentioning.

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    they've only had 8 months to work out the bugs, give em a break they had to make these new expansions to make some money!

    You have died of Dysentery.

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