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Thread: New server!

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    it was a good read doe lol

    but back to the topic...if i deleted my level 70! what den? haha

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    Transfers and stuff are free with no characters. If you delete it we can power level you on whatever class you want. Basically you run around and tag all the stuff, and we run around with our zerker necros and brutally murder all the stuff. Throw in dungeons once you hit 30-35 and we can get you to 80 rather quickly (My record is 17 hrs so...)

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    another pointless post I am submitting here

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    Better question. Do you ever have a point?

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    Hello I'm new here but i have been watching one flot member stream, I believe his name is Ice, any way i know none of you know me but If anyone can help me get the gold to swap to your guys server i would repay you any way possible, my name is dampdeathh.3897

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    Welcome death, I'll add you in game, add my toon, we will help you dungeon run and such: Glacies Aurora

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