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    rU vs. FLOT? BF4

    Hey guys, its been a while.

    iCapitol challenged us to a 5 vs 5 in BF4 tonight. Anyone up to the task?

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    people play BF4?

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    ive final got it playable on my pc

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    We will probably suck, but lets suck together, im down. What date?

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    lol we would need more than a tonight notice I was out of town but would have been down. It would have been funny for sure since I think I'm one of the few who still play.

    But I'm all down for some friendly action, if there are others willing.

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    @Crotan I think he's wondering about a future possibility too, so if we can round up enough guys we can organize it for whenever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDW View Post
    people play BF4?


    You have died of Dysentery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synergy View Post

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    I'm in.

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