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    Quote Originally Posted by the_prairie_prophet View Post
    Hey guys don't kick me out okay?
    For what it's worth. I voted not to kick you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_prairie_prophet View Post
    I've always found that our best recruitment has been during times of increased focus on a particular game through a period of time. Active recruitment for the sake of recruitment is less successful than recruitment as a natural product of increased and focused group activity. Does that make sense?
    As the resident "regular" non-member I suppose, I find it disappointing that I haven't played with some of you guys in months, maybe even a year now. I get that everyone wants to play their own game or whatever, be it GW2, Mech Warrior, Arma or whatever. That's fine, but as a community, I feel like the point is to come together every so often to spend time with everyone, whether that game is Battlefield or Dora the Explorer. However much I hate Dora the Bleeping Explorer, I'll still "take the hit" and play it with a friend if it means spending time with them.

    (please don't make me play Dora the Explorer)

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    That definitely makes sense. Unfortunately the real world doesn't allow for much gaming for some folks sometimes, which is where I think the forums provide a tether to the community when gaming isn't an option.
    "We were never what people could be.
    We were only what we were."

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    vouch, i want to be a member as soon as possible the less posts the better imo
    Quote Originally Posted by frawley6 View Post
    With our numbers not being thar high should we make it simpler to get it? Like instead of 5 posts put it down to just one hello post.

    Back when I joined you didn't need to post on the forums, it just helped. I think that was perfect. Sure we had a lot of people who doesn't stick around but we were good.

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